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There are three options for accommodations, pick one or ask us!

Book your own room

See here for friendly recommendations.

As a reference point, this is the location of the venue.

Bring your own tent

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you tell us beforehand - please don't show up and expect to pitch up!

Where is the campsite for pitching tents?

Kovalam is a fairly busy tourist area, and there are few options for pitching tents out in the open. However, this year we do have room for a small number of tents. Please clearly indicate your preference to tent out, and definitely send us email. The campsite is about 200 metres from the beach.

Bear in mind also, that Kovalam is in a tropical area, and tents may be too hot to stay in.

What should I bring ?

Bring your own tent, and pitch it up next to the hackerspace. You will need to bring your own tent/mosquito net, sheets/sleeping bag, pillow etc. We're working on the breakout costs for tent space. You'll be able to use bathrooms at the hackerspace and homestays nextdoor. Stay tuned.

Venue Lodging

Option to crash with the bedding that you bring with you! There will be one bathroom, and we may need to cozy up a bit. This is the absolute last resort for people who can't afford anything.

Please make sure you tell us beforehand - please don't show up and expect to be housed!

We're still working on the cost , but a rule of thumb is about Rs. 200 to Rs. 250/head. Please bring your own bedding, mat, sheets and pillow if you can!

Choose one and tell us!

To avail of any of the above facilities - please edit your REGISTRATION page to the appropriate type. Since we're a gift economy, please give more if you can! We can use the extra money to support someone else who can't afford this.

Other Information

We will have a separate room for women who want to stay only in a ladies only room - first come first serve!

Families with children or seniors, unfortunately, this year we cannot accommodate you specially. Please book a hotel room online, or let us know by email ( and we can point you to suitable homestays.

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