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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to collect the most important questions here. Please let us know if your question is not mentioned. Also feel free to edit any of those sections any time if you have something to add!

What should I do after I arrive ?

  1. Please find the SISP stall. This is your central point for information.
  2. Please sign the disclaimer document.
  3. The stall will give you an info card with a few basic questions you should be asking yourself.
  4. There is no registration fee. Please, instead, buy your name tag made of jute. Please enter your team name, and your own name on the tag.
  5. If you don't know your team, find the chart at the stall. There will be the names of teams, and the names of the team leads. FIND THEM! Chat to people :-)
  6. If you want to start your own team, make a pitch, and recruit!
  7. There is a restaurant vendor who will supply us with meals. Please find the drop box near the stall. Find a token for breakfast/lunch/dinner. If you want any of those meals, drop the appropriate tokens in the box. This helps us estimate numbers for the next day. Please get your meal at the restaurant, and pay the restaurant directly for your meal! Vegetarian options are available at the discretion of the restaurant vendor.
  8. Remember the putting everything in a “pot” ? There will be a list of “pot”s on the chart near the stall. Think of your daily expense as about Rs. 250/day. Multiply that with the number of days you're attending. Find a “pot” item to put your contribution to. Then go talk to the Accounts team. If you need help with your trip, please write We'll make a “pot” for you where other people can put money into.

What should I bring?

  • Mosquito repellent
  • Personal: Mosquito net
  • Swimwear, Sunglasses, Sunscreen
  • Extension cords and multiple power strips
  • Additional chargers
  • Musical instrument (if you play one)
  • Computer gear to use and share…
  • Harddrives for use and share ;)
  • Bedding related (mat (e.g. a yogamat), sheets, pillow, mosquito net (important!))
  • Venue decor - if you'd like to help deck it out! Eg nice printed bedsheets!
  • (please add more?)

Why hackbeach?

Why not?

Where hackbeach?

Kovalam, Kerala. See venue for more.

We have our very own hackerspace about 200m from the water.

Who hackbeach?

Just a bunch of people wanting to know more about the world (and some trying hard to find bugs and fix them). See contact.

What about accommodation?

You're mostly on your own. Please book well in advance!

Please see the accommodation page for more info.

What about food?

We'll have three meals catered to us at the venue. Please edit your REGISTRATION page and indicate you would like to avail of food. Our current estimate for daily catering facilities we arrange at the venue, is about Rs. 200/- per head, per day. This is a rough estimate and may go up or down a bit.

Please note that eating 3 meals a day at any restaurant around is fairly expensive, since the prices are generally targeted at visiting tourists. On the other hand side you get a variety of great food around the venue, so don't miss to go out at least once in between - but be prepared to leave Rs. 500/- per head to get something special - calculate half the price for some normal food. We might be starting a page for recommending each other places around… This is a wiki, so pls go ahead and start such a page!

What about money?

As a baseline quick calculation, assuming communal accommodation, catered food and a baseline infrastructure contribution, your daily cost will be as follows:

Base cost: Rs. 300
Catered food (3 meals): Rs. 200
Communal accommodation: Rs. 250

Total: Rs 750 per person per day We kindly ask to add some amount on this to support others who are not able to come otherwise!

If you have financial difficulties and are sure you are bringing something special to the event, please get in touch with us, and we will try to find someone generous who is attending, who might be able to help defray your costs. Please email us at “mail (at)”

How do I get there?

Your main destination is Kovalam Lighthouse beach. Walk from there to the venue. To reach Kovalam you most probably first want to reach to Trivandrum:

  • By plane, the airport is “TRV”, get a cab from there, it's just around 20 min drive.
  • By bus take eg an overnight bus, roads are decent. Take another bus to Kovalam beach bus stand, walk from there.
  • By train you reach at the main station. From there take a bus to Kovalam beach bus stand, walk from there.

Get more details on the venue page in this wiki and on wikitravel Trivandum and Kovalam.

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