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hackbeach y'all!!

IMPORTANT: Please read the FAQ if you haven't already!

This wiki is a starting point to organise Hackbeach related information and tasks. Hackbeach will happen from 26th November, 2016. The main conference is on the 3rd and 4th of Dec.

The venue is near the lighthouse beach.

Be part of organizing by subscribing the Mailinglist and joining the IRC!

See: contact for how.

Current submissions are visible here:

On wiki:

Some of this info may be dated. Feel free to fix it if it is!

  • About - Whats hackbeach is about
  • Contact - How to get in touch
  • FAQ - Get Information on ALL the things!
  • Venue - Where will hackbeach happen?
  • Schedule - What is happening and when?
  • Accommodation - Where will I sleep?
  • Vendors - Local vendors we know and trust (Taxi etc)
  • Who - Who're some of the people at hackbeach?



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